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    model #: CS13GL
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    Natural Orange

    Spot and Stain Remover and Upholstery Pre-spotter

    Natural Orange is a long time HydraMaster/CleanMaster favorite for removing problem spots and soils from upholstery as well as a filtration soil spot remover. Natural Orange uses natural citrus solvents to create a gentle, effective neutral spotter and pre-spotter. It effectively dissolves, dislodges, and emulsifies spots oil and grease spots and soiling. Natural Orange makes an ideal pre-spotter for fine fabrics. Formulated especially for the removal of oily spots or soil, it is ideal for furniture or carpets. It's special blend of orange based solvents and surfactants also makes it for carpet filtration stains.

    A simple, light application of this amazing product will soften and loosen tough oil-bound soil without harm to the fabric. With a pleasant, natural fragrance, Natural Orange deodorizes as it cleans. After cleaning, the fabric is left with a noticeable, fresh, clean scent.

    This product has a neutral pH, and contains no harsh solvents. As a spotting solution it is especially effective on grease and oil based spots common to upholstery fabrics such as cooking grease, hair oils, gels, and treatments, and body oils. It is also idea for removing settled airborne oils.

    Dilution Ratio(s): 1:2 to 1:10
    pH: 7.0