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    model #: CL035

    With regular use of the Leather Master Car Leather Protection & Cleaner Kit, leather will retain its original appearance and soft texture. This kit brings back the original satin sheen to leather that has been "polished" to a gloss by soil. This glossy appearance is a sign of wear. Use Leather Soft Cleaner to remove the soil and Leather Protection Cream to restore the natural appearance of leather.

    Leather Master products are made by Dr. Tork, a specialist in the care of leather. Dr. Tork holds more than 100 patents. Trust the expertise of Dr. Tork and his team to give your vehicle's leather upholstery what it needs to stay clean, soft, and inviting.

    Kit includes:

    • 50ml/1.69oz Soft Cleaner
    • 50ml/1.69oz Protection Cream
    • 1 Sponge

      For Aniline and Protected leathers.