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    Bio Break Powdered Enzyme Spray
    model #: CC18A

    Now Faster Disolving!

    • Citrus Booster for great oil cutting
    • Enzyme prespray breaks down filthy built up oil and grease in carpets
    • Stabilized for long shelf life
    • Perfect for restaurant cleaning
    • Economical - less that 60¢ a gallon in ready to use formula

    This highly concentrated formula is perfect for busy restaurants or residential family rooms. Bio Break contains encapsulated enzymes that produce tremendous enzymatic action to digest these organic soils and odors.

    RTU pH: 9.8

    Dilution Ratios:

    Pump or electric sprayer: 1-2 oz./Gal. of lukewarm water

    Hydro-Force sprayer: Mix 2 cups (16 oz.) to 5 qts. hot water, use with yellow tip