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    model #: CC203A

    DynaForce is the primary in-tank detergent in the Sapphire Scientific carpet cleaning system. DynaForce dissolves quickly to prevent clogging and provides effective cleaning power. Rinses easily with Fiber Soft Rapid Rinse, leaving carpets with less residue. DynaForce is suitable for both residential and commercial grades of carpet making it a cleaning force that professionals can rely on.

    • Cleans thoroughly, dissolves quickly and rinses well.
    • Effective on all types of residential and commercial carpets.
    • General purpose in-tank emulsifying detergent for use on heavily soiled carpet.
    • For use in the extraction process after the carpet has been pretreated with Surge Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner.
    • Includes water conditioning agents, surfactants, alkaline builders, water soluble solvents and corrosion inhibitors.


    Dilution Ratios: 1.5 oz./5 gal.     RTU pH: 10     Contains: 6.5 pounds