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    Flex Heavy Duty Liquid Prespray
    model #: CC22GL

    Strongest Prespray in the Bridgepoint Line!

    New and Improved

    • Less Foam
    • More Degreasing
    • Faster Striking
    • Easier Rinsing


    • "Nuke it" clean with high powered carpet prespray for severely soiled carpets
    • As soon as you apply it, you can start to see it dissolve soil right before you 
    • Ideal prespray for apartments, synthetic commercial carpets, and bring dead carpets back to life
    • Special blend of surfactants, alkaline builders, and boosters

    RTU pH: 12.5

    Dilution Ratios: 1:8

    Pump or electric sprayer: 16 oz./gl. water

    Hydro-Force sprayer: full strength, use yellow metering tip