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    model #: CC602GL

    Brush Pro Carpet Prespray is a low moisture liquid carpet cleaner that utilizes the latest encapsulation chemistry to emulsify and surround dirt for easy removal.

    • Neutral ph
    • Carpets stay cleaner longer. Brush Pro Carpet Prespray loosens then encapsulates the soil for easy removal with a vacuum. There are no sticky residues.
    • When used with the compound and machine, a CRI certified system component.
    • For use as a prespray or stand alone encapsulate cleaner on synthetic or wool carpet.
    • 10 oz per gallon for RTU. 1 gallon RTU covers 600sf
    • Use undiluted for spotter

      Dilution Ratios: 10 oz./gal.     RTU pH: n/a     Contains: 1 gallon