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    model #: CD15GL

    The sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses.  When you use our Spice Air or Apple Air as part of your cleaning process you’ll leave a wonderful fragrance that says “clean!” to your customers.  These rich, super-concentrated formulas go a long way and stop odors at the source.

    Simply lightly spray the room after cleaning and when your customer walks in they’ll smell “clean!”  An investment of pennies per job that goes a long way to really impress your customers!

    These water-based odor counteractants are safe on all carpets.  Dilutes at ½ oz to 8 oz. per gallon depending upon odor severity.  Also acts as a space spray mix at 2-4 ounces per gallon.


    Dilution Ratios: 1/2-8 oz./gal.     RTU pH: 7     Contains: 1 gallon