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    model #: AB23

    The versatile Perky Broom is the perfect addition cleaning tool for removing pet fur from carpet, and cleaning up both dry and water-based spills. The soft, non-scratch silicone brush tynes flex and move with all types of textures from tile, grout, stone and even carpeted floors. The silicone rubber tynes of the brush cling onto pet hair that regular bristle brooms leave behind. It can be used on couches, chairs, carpet or even drapes to remove cat and dog hair. The back of the brush is enforced with a thick back wall to ensure hair and debris do not slip through when making passes over floors and upholstery. The Perky Rubber Broom is also equipped with a built-in squeegee for the cleanup of watery spills. The Perky Fur and Hair Removing Rubber Broom measures 53" long fully assembled with a 1 foot wide cleaning path head.

    • Soft Silicone Rubber Broom For Non-Scratch Cleaning and Maintaining of All Types of Floors and Surfaces
    • Remove Hair, Liquids, Dirt, Lint and More from Hard floors, Carpet, Upholstery and Walls
    • Built in Squeegee for Quick Clean-up of Spills
    • Measures 53 inches Long with a 12 inch Wide Path
    • Great for quickly removing pet hair from carpet before prespraying and extracting carpet fibers