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    Soft Touch Valve - Stainless Steel, 1500 PSI
    model #: aw792

    Stainless Steel Soft Touch Valve

    No More Tired Hands With This Soft Touch Valve

    This is the "soft opening" control valve for wands.
    It makes your wand easier to use with a longer life.

    The "soft opening" control valve makes wands easier to use with longer life.  Designed for 1500 psi (1200 psi for brass), and tested at higher pressure, these valves are for popular mounting patterns, and have RETROFIT BRACKETS available as well.  The 30° offset is ideal for your solution lines without extra fittings or bulk.  Our Stainless Steel ball and Teflon seat makes a long lasting seal and is self cleaning and self-centering every time.  The combination of these features and the design make this valve the "soft-opening" valve that is becoming so popular in the industry and allows you to throttle the valve at any pressure.  No more stress on the hands as the "soft opening" feature uses less power from your hands, even at 1000+ psi.

    Soft touch valves are a frequent topic of discussion on the Internet bulletin boards of our industry. Owner/operators love the reduced stress on their wrists, hands, and fingers. They operate smoothly, don t require as much force to squeeze the trigger and are comfortable to grip. Ergonomics is the word to describe this design that considers the health of the technician. No more numb fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, or similar problems. Great for any company that wants to keep all its techs healthy and productive.